Review: they’re real! push-up liner by Benefit Cosmetics


We here at Thrifting & Bitching are big fans of Birchbox – so you’ll probably see a lot of pieces written about products they sell. Recently, my co-blogpart, JoAnna, wrote a review on Manna Kadar’s Lipstick in Street Smarts that she bought with her Birchbox points. Today, I’m going to focus on Benefit Cosmetic’s they’re real! push-up liner in black.

A couple of weeks ago I was running out of my favorite felt tip liner, when this new liner came to my attention. I had some Birchbox points lined up so I thought – why not splurge?   I needed some anyway. Never mind the fact that I have about 20 different black eyeliners tucked away for rainy days – this one was going to be the end all be all! Right? I mean, the Benefit website described it as, “the first ever lash-hugging gel liner in a pen,” it had to be good.


Since there was no shipping for this product on the Birchbox website, I got it for $4 dollars after I used my points. It was originally $24. Before I say too much let’s just go into my first impressions.


  • Strong packaging. It’s a big deal when it actually gets me to stop and read it before ripping it open and delivering the goods.
  • Good sized. The product itself wasn’t too big for my (tiny) hands, which for me is a big bonus, but you could tell there was a decent amount of product inside. The tube says about 1.4 g Net wt. 0.04 oz.
  • It’s dark. The color is really deep black and this is what I prefer in a liner. For my day look I often do not wear anything, but heavy liner. So, the color is really important to me.
  • The wear. Honestly, this is super important for someone who is gone from home for over ten hours a day and this baby wears FOREVER. I even wore it in the pool at my work party last week (no underwater trials) and it stayed on really well.
  • The tip. I was hesitant about using this tip when I first saw it. It looked like it was going to be really hard and I was used to felt tip eyeliners. I was pleasantly surprised when it was soft and molded easily to the touch. Here’s a close photo so you can see for yourself.



  • The application. Yikes, I was hoping this liner would have gone on like butter, but the fact of the matter is – it doesn’t. It dries out really quickly when you apply it, so if you want to multiple layers watch out. It can get a little crumbly too if you apply too much and it dries – then you try to go over it again.
  • The instructions. The box and benefits website says to use one “twist” per eye application. Personally, I did not feel like this was enough product to get the affect that I wanted. It would only glide on for 3/4 of my eye this way. And since the product dries quickly, I would suggest using 2-3 twist per eye application.
  • Marketing. Everywhere I’ve seen this marketed it says that it’s the first ever liner to be “lash hugging”. First of all, I’m not sure exactly what this means. Second, I would not describe it as “lash hugging” – can I get it close to my lash line? Yes. Does it stay near my lash line? Yes. It is comfortable on my last line? Kind of. Does every eyeliner I’ve tried before do this? Yes. It’s not that special, except for the long lasting wear.

eyelinerHonestly, I’m going to keep using this product. It’s neither hit nor miss with me. My favorite parts are the deep color and long lasting wear. It kills me that the product doesn’t go on as easily as I would like it to – I feel like this is a BIG thing to look for when purchasing eyeliners. However, JoAnna, loves everything about this product and will rant and rave over it for hours. It’s all in perspective. Overall, I’m going to rate it a 3 out of 5.


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