5 Reasons to Start Gardening Now

20140805_001312 This entry is for the people who keep telling themselves “I’d like to grow my own food one day” or imagine themselves as the growers of prize-winning rose bushes, but never actually do those things. If you have been contemplating a decision to dabble in some gardening but think you have better things to do, I can give you five reasons to start dabbling right now.

1. You have been on the fence for too long.

Maybe you think you just don’t have a green thumb (guess what pal, none of us have green thumbs so that’s not an excuse). Maybe you feel intimidated because you don’t know enough. I get it, we all have things we’re good at and things we’re not-so-good at. My friends and co-bloggers are excellent seamstresses and know a lot about make up (check out their product reviews and DIY entries). I know my way around a garden. Do you think I was born spade-in-hand? No. I once (not that long ago) killed an ivy. An ivy! One of the easiest plants  to maintain! All I’m saying is, you never know what you’re good at until you put in an honest effort. Stop thinking and DO!

2. Gardening is good exercise.

We all need exercise, right? If you’re like me and want to quit after jogging six feet, gardening could be a nice alternative. That’s not to say you should replace your healthy work out regiment with gardening. But, gardening can break up the monotony. If you spend a half hour ripping up weeds, lugging soil, and repeatedly going from standing to squating to kneeling, you will feel it! And it will feel awesome!

3. Its good for the environment. 

If you don’t know about the bee crisis, you should. Our best pollinators are in serious danger, but there is something you can do to help- plant some pretty flowers! Not only will flowers beautify your yard, they will also provide food for our poor bees and attract them to any food plants in your garden that may require pollination. Just make sure your flowers are organic. GMO flowers can harm bees.

4. Growing your own food means fewer trips to the grocery store.

Having a nice little food garden can save lots of time and money. Instead of getting in your car, driving miles to the store, buying packaged produce, impulse buying random crap you don’t actually need and driving home, you can just go out in your yard and pick fresh produce. Reduce your carbon footprint by not using as much gas and not paying for packaging.

5. Gardening gives you a sense of pride.

Those of you who have heard a grandparent scream out their window “STAY OUT OF MY ROSE BUSH AND TAKE THAT BALL SOMEWHERE ELSE!” or have had a neighbor scowl at you as your own child runs into their yard to pick the pretty flower know how protective people can be of their rose bushes. That’s because growing a healthy rose bush takes constant care and hard work. Growing a beautiful plant is something to be proud of. Think its easy? Try it (no, seriously).

If you have been thinking about doing some gardening, I strongly suggest you give it a shot. Start small- get a seed starting kit and see if you can grow some healthy seedlings. Feel like you have the patience to take it to the next level? Get a garden box, soil and some fertilizer and transfer your seedlings once they outgrow their original container. What’s easier than growing from seeds is buying some mature flowers from a garden shop. You can plant them outside and watch them grow. Spend time caring for your plants every day and you will understand how good it feels to be a gardener

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