Easy Refashion: Summer Dress to Bohemian Shirt


If you’re looking for something quick and easy to do, this would be the perfect refashion. The dress I’m using was a summer dress I had bought years ago when I was 30 pounds heavier. I still wore it year after year, but when it started coming apart around the waist I decided to re-purpose it for my needs.

On Thursday, I will be attending Bostinno’s Boston Fest with my company. We were nominated for their #CoolestCompanies award and as the social media guru, I’m excited to attend. I wanted to make something chic, but new for me to wear instead of going out to buy something. And here it is before…


20140715_200146  20140805_191904


First Step

The first thing to do would be lay the dress out and iron it. Lay it as flat as possible making sure all of the seams match up. Measure up from the bottom how much you’d like to take off and mark it. I took off about 5 inches from this dress, including the 1/4 inch seam allowance. Next, cut the bottom piece off.


Second Step

Now, I ironed the newly raw edge of my shirt up 1/4 of an inch, all the way around. My dress was a cotton fabric so I could get the iron really hot so the fabric creased really nicely. Like this:


Once that was completed, I measured up another 1/4 inch to get an edge that wouldn’t fray. It looks a little like this:


The scissors are in there so you can see the contrast between the finished edge to the raw edge. I stitched the edge with my sewing machine, but if you had the time you could stitch it up by hand.

Third Step

Remember how I told you this dress was falling apart? Well, I needed to fix that and the fact that the dress was too big. Here’s what it looked like before:


That’s the waist of the dress, which had broken and the elastic was coming out. So, I cut the elastic band and measured it to fit myself better. Like so:


After I measured the right length, I sewed the elastic back together. I then stitched the dress over the elastic so it would no longer be falling apart. Here’s my final result:


Overall, this was a really easy refashion piece. You could easily do this at a beginner level. I can’t wait to wear it to Boston Fest and meet some great people! And once again for comparison:

Before & After:



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