What do Billy Murray & Portland, Maine have in common?


The answer would be Annalise Carr. Last night at Bully Feeny’s in Portland, ME The Bad Poetry Slam was held. Beforehand, Bully Feeney’s held an open mic and a few less practiced poets emerged. Annalise was there to inspire with this beaut of a poem to rival the “bad poets” later to preform that night.

I thought I would share with all of you. Enjoy.

Annalise delivered an “Ode to Billy Murray” and her brilliance is as follows:

You visited my dreams last night, Bill Murray.

Despite our age difference the relationship worked in a quirky Woody Allen romcom way.

You liked my cat and I put up with your french fry kleptomania.

Alas, there was a complication.

Scott Baio, who made an appearance as my father,

Disapproved of the relationship.

Not because you were 40 years my senior,

But because you’re a deep dish guy.

As we walked hand in hand

People stared, some shouted lines from Caddy Shack,

But your crows feet lined eyes were fixed on me.

And just as I was coming to consciousness I could feel your hot old man breath.

And you whispered,

“Who you gonna a call?”


And there you have it. You’re welcome.

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