What’s In My Bag? | Cassie

wpid-20140805_125952.jpg Let me just say that I love this Vera Bradley bag. My aunt sent it to me from Vegas for my birthday last year. She works for Zappos and gets lots of cute stuff for discounted prices. Weee! Recently, she told me that there was a matching Vera Bradley diaper bag on her website! wpid-20140805_130113.jpg Here are the contents of my purse! wpid-20140805_131124.jpg A hair tie. A little over a year ago, I chopped off my super long hair into a pixie cut. I absolutely loved my short hair. However, I missed having some length. After growing it out, I’m happy to say that I am out of the mullet-like stage and can now pull my hair back with this puppy (and that’s usually where it stays)! wpid-20140805_130847.jpg This hair clip that looks like a monster. Raawwr! I got this clip along with its twin at the Dollar Tree for a buck. Score! wpid-20140805_130826.jpg My key ring, which includes a Sebasticook Rec and Sports key chain to remind me of my little brother, a California key chain that my friend Alexis brought home for me back in high school, and some random membership cards. wpid-20140805_130802.jpg Carmex. This stuff has been my super dry pregnancy lips’ savior. I don’t know what I would have done all these months without it. Normally, I use Baby Lips Peach Kiss. But because of wild hormonal changes that cause peeling lips, I had to stop using tinted chap stick. wpid-20140805_130736.jpg Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Lovestick. I love this lipstain. The color is really fun and the balm makes my lips feel really nice. The application feels like more of a lip stick. wpid-20140805_130654.jpg My Kmart sunglasses that I wrap in a purple bandana. I refuse to buy expensive sunglasses because I WILL break or lose them. I chose white sunglasses because that is my favorite color to wear. They have gold studs on the sides which makes me feel a little punk-rock.


Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I just started reading it. So far, so good!


My wallet which annoyingly pops open at the worst times. It once made me lose nearly $400 cash in Miami. Fortunately, a good samaritan found and returned it. Also- that ID photo is from when I was 19 and living in Boston! Woah! wpid-20140805_130538.jpg Hand sanitizer, because stuff is dirty! wpid-20140805_130521.jpg A worry doll. For a few years I had a job as a nanny in Boston. It was the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had. One day, Aanya (the girl I took care of) over heard me telling her mom that I was stressed about returning to school. Aanya darted to her room, returned with the worry doll and told me to keep it so that it could take away my stress. Awww! wpid-20140805_130423.jpg This list of author and book suggestions. wpid-20140805_130408.jpg Five Walmart receipts. I was paying with multiple WIC checks in one trip, hence the separate transactions. Altogether I got eight half gallons of lactose-free milk. Thanks WIC! wpid-20140805_130349.jpg Some trash. Trident gum, because nobody likes coffee breath, a Starbucks straw wrapper, the button from an umbrella that my gargantuan boyfriend stepped on and broke, and a bandage from my most recent prenatal check-up… gross! wpid-20140805_130240.jpg This pen that I love for writing in my journal. I don’t know the name of it and the label is all worn off. Clearly, it gets a lot of action. wpid-20140805_130201.jpg My WIC checks. Again, thanks WIC!

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