What’s in my bag? | Ariel

photo 1

My co-bloggers and I have decided to do this fancy, “What’s in my bag?” post for all of you. I feel so incredibly vulnerable right now. You’re going to know the REAL me. So, scared.

Anyway, my current bag is a (probably fake) Michael Kors I got in Mexico with the lovely JoAnna, Cassie, and our friend Ryan this past May. Here’s what’s in it:

photo 3


It looks pretty standard for the most part. If I were an outsider looking in on this purse I’d probably think, well, this woman has a penchant for long necklaces and personal hygiene. So, I’m okay with that.

The first item in my bag I’d like to talk about is that gray/silver box up there. I really like to sew. That’s a Gingher snipping shear box I carry with me. I’m always finding stray pieces of thread to cut off myself (and sometimes other people, don’t judge). If you like sewing, I just wrote a couple refashion pieces.


Here are those long necklaces I mentioned. To be honest, I probably have 5 others. I love long necklaces. After work, I hate long necklaces. I like to toss my jewelry in my bag and drive home restriction free. The same goes for those huge earrings. GET OFF ME.

photo 5

Guys, if I don’t travel with these three items I’m worried what my hair might do. It could entangle small animals, or strangle my co-workers, or even make phone calls without my consent. Who knows, the only thing I know is that it needs to be TAMED. You can go check out our “About Us” section if you want to see a picture of my long hair.

photo 4

Next up we have the bare minimum of make-up products I carry with me. Sometimes I carry more, sometimes less, but always these type of items. The brands I’m carrying today are:

  • Chapstick Classic Cherry. Why do I carry this? Because even in it’s name it denotes “classic” and is a life saver when your lips suddenly feel like sandpaper. That doesn’t happen to you? Well, you’re probably not from New England.
  • NYX butter gloss in Apple Strudel. I got this in my June 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag and I’ve been carrying it ever since. I absolutely love the color and it’s not too sticky. If you like lip gear, I would suggest reading up on JoAnna’s review on Manna Kadar Lipstick in Street Smarts.
  • Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. Got. to. love. this. It’s definitely my favorite mascara right now. It’s not heavy and gives you a great extended lash.
  • Benefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner. This is my eyeliner for the moment. I love the long lasting stay and the deep color, but it goes on pretty rough. I just wrote a review on it a few days ago.
  • Revlon Nail Polish in Siren (440). This is my nail color of the moment. It’s really summery and lasts decently with just a couple of coats no base or top coat. To me, that’s saying a lot.

photo 3 (1)

There’s not much I can say about these two items except – hey, I like to keep things clean, okay? Is that too much to ask? Moving on.

photo 2 (1)

I’m not sure how to explain this one. The best way for me to describe my relationship with Nine West is that they’re my brand crush. They have everything I want, but I just can’t seem to seal the relationship deal. It’s not Facebook official, guys. Mostly because I would go broke.

On the other hand, these are my practical items –wallet and glasses case.

photo 1 (1)

This last photo has more meaning. See those keys up there? Anyone of my close friends know that I have a special relationship with my cars. Without my car, I would be living with my mother, reading five romance novels a day, and eating bagels by the sevens.

The second item in this photo would be my headphones. There’s not much meaning there except who can live without headphones these days? I probably have ten pairs. Those ones specifically I got for free from work.

The last item is really special. It’s a notebook my grandmother gave me the day of my graduation party for my Master’s. You can’t really read the words, but it says, “I’m kind of a big deal.” It makes you feel really special inside to think that someone truly thinks that about you. My “Mum”, as I call her, is my best friend and support system. I could not have made it as far in life without our midnight cry-fests.

So, that’s it guys–my bag! I hope you enjoyed your little peak into my life. My co-blogpart’s bags are probably just as interesting. So check them out, too! What’s in your bag?


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