5 Things You Forgot Before Applying Makeup


Hey, I understand busy. We all want to get things done as fast as possible, but sometimes when it comes to your health and beauty–the risks just aren’t worth it. We’ve all probably forgot these five things from time to time, but send this to your friends to make sure they don’t get some strange fungi.

1. Wash your hands. You know why? Because according to the Minnesota Department of Health for every square centimeter of skin on your hands there is 1,500 bacteria. Seriously? Gross. You definitely do not want this on your face when applying makeup. It causes breakouts, rashes, and touching your face with dirty hands can worsen dermatitis and herpes.

2. Wash your face. As much as you don’t want to think about this, your face isn’t always bacteria-free either. Neither is it oil free. Not washing your face before applying makeup can increase the odds of acne or other blemishes occurring. The makeup will cover the pores that have dirt and oil inside. It can also transfer bacteria to brushes and sponges, where it can breed and fester…which leads me to my next point.

3. Wash your brushes. Dirty brushes can collect not only dirt, dust, and oil from your face. It collects the bacteria from the surfaces you lay them on and your face. If not regularly cleaned, brushes can be the perfect feeding and breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause breakouts, rashes, and blemishes. Remember when Michelle from cycle 4 of ANTM got that face rash? Then there’s always conjunctivitis…


Photo: BestDoctor.co.in

Yes, this means you got poop in your eye. Also, this is a tame…VERY tame photo. You’re welcome.

4. Don’t touch your face. Or at least try not to touch it too much. Whenever possible, try using applicators, brushes, or sponges to touch your face for you. We already talked a bit about what can happen when transferring germs between your face, hands, and brushes. It’s just not good, dudes. I don’t even want to talk about fungi. So, don’t do it, unless you absolutely have to or have thoroughly washed your hands (get under those nails too).


Photo: bornprettystore.com

5. Throw stuff away. As much as it pains you to throw away that expensive mascara you bought several months ago. It’s probably necessary. According to Women’s Health Magazine, old makeup can go as far as causing staff infections, which is definitely on my “not to get” list. My rule of thumb is to throw out things every six months or so but, many sources say that you should throw out things like mascara every three months.

For a full run down on what the recommended toss dateĀ is and more about makeup and germs in general, you can look at this great article I read on Today Health. This is your PSA of the day. Feel free to tell me your healthy beauty techniques below!

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