What Do Beer Kegs & Diapers Have In Common?


Partying. Maybe the only time you’ve partied with a diaper was when you dressed up like a baby that one Halloween, but I can give you another way that beer and diapers go together wonderfully!

Ever heard of a diaper party? No, you don’t have to show up in a diaper. And its not for babies either. Although, it is a party for expecting parents. Diaper parties are traditionally thrown for the dad, like a male version of a baby shower. However, inviting both sexes means more gifts… so I suggest keeping the genders together (for both occasions). Guests arrive with diapers and wipes and are thanked with free beer!

Many of your guests may not know what a diaper party is. If this is the case and you are mailing formal invitations you may want to add a phrase like “you bring the diapers, we’ll bring the beer” and ask guests to RSVP for further details. Its important that you encourage guests to RSVP and that you get a good idea of how many people are coming. You don’t want to run out of beer or have half a keg left over the next day (or maybe you do?). I found that making a Facebook event page helped with planning my party.

Most grocery stores can have kegs made available upon request. Usually you have to call a week in advance, depending on what kind of beer you want and where its being shipped from- so plan ahead. Keg delivery services tend to have only a handful of beer choices (Budweiser, Bud Light, Natural Ice or Pabst) but its a plus to have some one deliver the heavy load to your door. Some of the Keg services I contacted for my diaper party provided an ice tub and tap for a refundable deposit. A few services charged seperately for the tap and did not provide ice bins, so definitely shop around before making your choice. In the case that your guest turn out is small, you can always just buy cases of beer instead of a whole keg.

When guests RSVP, let them know what size diapers you already have (if any) and that they can purchase any variety of sizes. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of diapers in one size. Guests can also have the option of bringing wipes instead of diapers. For parents who choose to use cloth diapers- make sure you tell your guests what brand of diapers and liners you plan to use.

Of course, as at any party or family gathering, its nice to provide snacks and refreshments. Get some soda for any guests who don’t drink and put together a few party platters. You can decorate and plan party games, or just hang out and drink some beers. Check out this list of baby shower games that could also be used for a diaper party. I especially like Bobbing for Nipples (lol!).

Diaper parties are really easy to throw and so worth it. There is no gift registry involved because guest bring one variety of gift- diapers and wipes! Easy! For dad, this will probably be his last chance to party before baby’s arrival. Although mom can’t get sloshed, its nice to get friends and family together one last time before she has barely any time to wash her hair, let alone hang out. A diaper party will also relieve some financial burden. Diapers are expensive and you will be surprised by how generous your guests are.20140821_121020
This is everything my boyfriend and I received at our diaper party. Eight guests provided us with over $200 worth of diapers and wipes!

If you’re an expecting parent or some one in your family is expecting, I strongly suggest throwing a diaper party.

Have you been to a baby shower or diaper party recently? What made those parties special? Did you play any fun games? Please share!.

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