Who knew – dry shampoo?

dry shampoo

I’m going to let you in on a secret. I have disgustingly greasy hair. In order to get my lush locks looking fresh, I’ve always just washed them every day. I had completely ignored the dry shampoo option thinking that it wasn’t for me.

Recently, I read several reviews on dry shampoos and DIY versions. It was increasingly starting to peek my interest. I mean, it couldn’t hurt to try–worst case scenario I hate it and put my hair in a bun for the rest of the day.

So, at the store last night I decided to try it. I picked up Herbal Essences’ Naked Dry Shampoo with no parabens. Since we’ve been doing a lot of reviews lately here at Thrifting & Bitching (check out our reviews on the Everygirl Birchbox or They’re Real! Push-up liner by Benefit) I decided to review this dry shampoo.

First thoughts? Freaking amazing.

No, but seriously. I had no hopes of this working for me. However, it immediately made my hair look grease-less. The best part was that it lasted me 12 hours with one good application from the morning.

Packaging? Simple packaging for their “naked” line seems appropriate. There wasn’t a lot of color and wasn’t distracting.

Absorbency? I’m so super impressed about this. Some folks in the articles I read commented that it would show up on their darker hair. Well, I have darker hair and you couldn’t see it at all, plus, it wore for a good 12 hours.

Price? For $5 bucks, this product could not be beat. I will definitely buy this again (or maybe try a new one!). I wanted to start out with a cheaper product because I didn’t want to spend a lot on something I would hate.

Ingredients? If you are someone who loves all-natural ingredients, this product is not for you. I couldn’t recognize half of the ingredient list. Although the packaging does say it doesn’t include coloring or parabens.

Scent? If someone sprayed this in a room and asked me to identify the brand–it would scream Herbal Essence. It has that tell-tale floral scent that they use. I don’t mind it, but I’m sure some do.

Overall, definitely glad I bought this product. I can just imagine how much easier my morning routine will be. If you ever thought that your hair should sell stock in natural oils and dry shampoo couldn’t possibly soak up the fountain that you produce, try it out. Bye-bye grease bucket, hello normalcy!

Do you use dry shampoo? Comment with what you use below!

5 thoughts on “Who knew – dry shampoo?

  1. I use that brand. I have tried more expensive kinds but I always go back to it. I’m allergic to overly flowery scents but I have almost no problems with this product. I absolutely love it and always buy it.

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      • I tried Tresemme (or however you spell it…) and it only lasted a couple of hours and then the greasiness started to come back through. Normally I can go a couple days without getting greasy hair but since becoming pregnant my hair is just non-stop grease. (Nasty…) Tresemme just didn’t last, and left a weird texture when I washed it out. The only one that I would use other than Herbal Essences is the Dove Refresh + Care dry shampoo, because it lasted but the smell was kind of funny that’s why I go to Herbal, but I mean if you don’t mind the smell Dove is just as good. I tried Lush dry shampoo. Just take my word on this one, DON’T DO IT. Suave either. Honestly, your best bets in the way of hair care overall is Dove or Herbal Essences. 🙂

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      • Thanks for the advice! I’m glad I chose well the first time or else I never would have liked any of the other brands, haha.


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