Bye-bye, Summer – Hello, Fall! The Inevitable Change.


The seasons are changing and pumpkin spice everything is almost in full force. Summer into fall isn’t the only change, however. Many life changes have been happening for JoAnna, Cassie, and I.

Cassie is 9 months pregnant and about to pop any day now–may she have a safe and quick labor.

Cassie - 9 months

JoAnna just started art school, has been going through a lot of changes at work, and has been traveling.

JoAnna's print Jam

And me, I’ve been to the doctor, added a new nephew to the family, and have been looking in the face of potentially moving.

Elyas and I

I just wanted to place a reminder that, whatever your changes, whether they’re as simple as the changing season or the hardest you’ve ever faced – change may be inevitable, but if you come away with it as a learning experience, you’re better off for it.

What changes are you facing?

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