Review | Fall Fête Birchbox!

IMG_0060I don’t know about you, but I always love drooling over the limited edition Birchboxes. Until recently, I hadn’t taken the plunge and gotten one. But as soon as I saw their Fall Fête box, I fell in love. I’m realllllllly into playing hostess – in fact, I’m starting to daydream about Thanksgiving already – so this box has my name all over it. Luckily, I had been hoarding some Birchbox points, so when I got an email offering $10 off a purchase of $50+, I knew it was time to cash in! Here’s a closer look at all of the goodies…

IMG_0076Govino ‘Go Anywhere’ Decanter
I love me some wine – especially now that I am gluten-free. It’s actually sort of a miracle that I don’t already own a decanter. But, I digress. This one is made from 100% BPA-free polymer and holds 28 ounces (so it’s on the smaller side). While I will probably pick up a nice glass one eventually, this one will do just fine for the interim! I also love the little thumb-notch for easy pouring.

Retail value: $15


IMG_0073Core Bamboo Classic Salad Hands
These are super cute! I usually end up using two wooden spoons to scoop salad, which obviously isn’t ideal. These are adorable and very practical for dinner parties. I’m looking forward to whipping these out for Friendsgiving (and any other excuse possible).

Retail value: $18



IMG_0074Greenleaf Room Spray –
Apple Spice & Cinnamon

Whoa, this stuff smells amazing. I love, love, love fall scents – especially for the kitchen. I had never tried this brand before, but it smells great and you don’t have to spray very much to make your house smell amazing. Definitely a winner! Also, not sure how long they’re doing this for, but right now you can get a free Greenleaf Scented Sachet with an order of $25+ in the Birchbox shop.

Retail value: $9

IMG_0065Royal Rose Simple Syrups  –
Lavender-Lemon and Raspberry

These look so great! I haven’t had a chance to test them out yet, but I can’t wait to make cocktails with these. Thank god Hendricks gin is gluten-free! I’m especially looking forward to testing out the lavender-lemon flavor. Oh, and these are made in Maine, where I (and my co-bloggers Ariel & Cassie) grew up! 🙂

Retail value: $11 each


IMG_0077Core Kitchen Silicone Pinch Bowl Set
These little silicone bowls each have a capacity of 1/2 cup. They’re great for separating ingredients when you’re cooking, or for putting out little bowls of snacks when you have friends over! Also, they’re just so cute and colorful!

Retail value: $20



IMG_0072Birchbox Coasters / Knot & Bow Party Confetti / Rifle Paper Company Place Cards
These are all really great touches for a dinner party! I love that the coasters have different prints on each side – both are so cute! The confetti will very likely end up in some future makeup photos. And lastly, I adore everything Rifle Paper Company makes, so these place cards are no exception. I actually bought a really beautiful gold striped phone case from them recently.
Retail value: Coasters – $10, Confetti- $10, Place Cards- $7

Although my calculations add up to $111, the Birchbox website says that their Fall Fête box is a $97 value, so I am thinking that one or two of these items are not full-sized. Regardless, that’s $97 worth of product for just $42 – and if you’re like me and you are always hoarding points and waiting for sales, you might even get it on the cheap!

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving celebration this year? How do you like to decorate for dinner parties?

PS. Are you interested in joining Birchbox? I’d love it if you used my referral link when you join! 

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