How To Care For a Baby With Thrush in 60 Steps


1. Mistake yeast for milk residue.

2. Feel guilty when your son’s GI specialist points out that the white stuff is not milk residue.

3. Get a prescription for nystatin.

4. Pay $30 for a 2 week treatment.

5. Swab your baby’s mouth with nystatin for the first time in a day.

6. Throw away all but one contaminated pacifiers.

7. Realize the one pacifier you kept is the one your son DOES NOT LIKE.

8. Wash all bottles with hot water and soap.

9. Steam all bottles in the dish washer.

10. Sterilize a bottle in the microwave and prepare formula because you can’t breastfeed your son at the time.

11. Feed your son.

12. Try to shove the nystatin covered cotton swab into your son’s mouth because he has fallen asleep. And this is only treatment 2/4 for the day.

13. Look up ways to treat thrush.

14. Image search oral thrush.

15. Gag.

16. Change your baby’s diaper and notice he has a rash.

17. Look up diaper rashes cause by thrush.

18. Feel so sorry for your poor son.

19. Read that apple cider vinegar has anti-fungal properties.

20. Text your boyfriend and ask him to bring home a BIG bottle of apple cider vinegar.

21. Sterilize a bottle.

22. Feed your baby.

23. Make him gag on a nystatin covered cotton swab.

24. Clean up his spit up.

25. Make sure his neck is nice and dry so he doesn’t get thrush on it.

26. Boil all bottles with apple cider vinegar.

27. Try to give your baby the pacifier he doesn’t like.

28. Hold him while he cries.

29. Change his diaper and wipe his bum with $15 organic baby wipes because even a wet cloth hurts his bum.

30. Sterilize another bottle.

31. Feed him again.

32. Give him nystatin treatment 4/4.

33. Feel amazed at how impenetrable his gummy mouth is.

34. Give your baby a bath because he is covered in spit up and sticky nystatin.

35. Shake your head as he poops all over his clean towel.

36. Wipe his poor bum.

37. Let his poor bum air out.

38. Dodge his pee.

39. Decide his poor bum has aired out long enough and put a diaper on that cannon.

40. Decide to breastfeed him because he isn’t thriving on the formula.

41. Sterilize your nipple shields for your nipples that aren’t long enough.

42. Breast feed him.

43. Examine your nipples and convince yourself you have a yeast infection.

44. Buy some acidophylus.

45. Accidentally take acidophylus without food.

46. Feel really sick all day.

48. Continue swabbing with nystatin (because that is what the Doc said to do) until a pharmacist tells you its more effective to give the nystatin in a syringe.

49. Thank pharmacist for the free syringe.

50. Thank goodness for good people.

51. Give your baby nystatin in a syringe four times a day.

52. Shake your head as he spits it out.

53. Watch the nystatin dwindle and his thrush not get any better.

54. Sterilize more bottles.

55. Buy a paci he likes.

56. Sterilize that paci multiple times a day.

58. Get baby face wipes to clean the sticky nystatin off his face.

59. Run out of nystatin.

60. Wonder what the fuck you’re supposed to do next.

4 thoughts on “How To Care For a Baby With Thrush in 60 Steps

  1. Reading this made me go back 4 years to my first born. The struggle to fit into this new schedule that revolves around, baths, poops and nipple chaffing while still trying to care for yourself! It’s such a shock to your system when all along you have been living for yourself and now you have to take care of this sweet baby when there are no directions. Everything is new and overwhelming and you still have to manage all the daily tasks you had before.

    While it’s an amazing time, where people smile at you and tell you to enjoy it, you are thinking oh yea enjoy it ok, yes, let me put that on my list. Right next to apply nipple cream and eat a sandwhich.

    While taking care of my two children when they were babies was an amazing experience that is full of love and bonding I don’t think fellow moms are honest enough about the struggles to just get by to the next nap, or next feeding or how in the world can I make this baby happy! It’s a hard time learning all these things and letting yourself make mistakes and not beating yourself up. And it’s also ok to get mad, sad, think what has happened to my life? Just writing that I wanted to delete it, since a lot of people skip over the hard stuff and tell you to enjoy it. Yes of course enjoy those little baby toes and the sweet baby smile and how lovely they smell but it’s also ok to let yourself be honest about how hard it all is.

    I wish I had some great advice about thrush, I’m sure lots of other people will though. I just had to comment, reading that really threw me right back into the feelings of being a new mother and being so lost but trying so hard! I hope you can pat yourself on the back and take a nap and maybe eat a sandwhich or two. As you will hear, it will get better. One nap at a time, one poop explosion at a time it will get better.

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    • Awwww! Ashley, amen to ALL of this. This made me tear up and laugh out loud! Ugh, its so true… keeping up with baby and daily tasks is super difficult (you should see my floors… and my feet… they’re black). But its good to know that there are understanding people out there, like you, who can say “what you’re feeling is ok, hang in there.” So, thank you. I needed this.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Good! Honesty in motherhood is the only way to survive, luckly I had a great friend going through the same things so we could say our inner most thoughts without being judged.

        Hang in there and forgetbout them floor for like 3 more months.I hope that sweet little thing is on the mend soon! Oh and I almost forgot.

        Enjoy that baby 😉

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