Baby Update| Please Help Baby Ant


You may not have heard, but Cassie and Anthony’s 5 week old son, Baby Ant, is back in the hospital. We’d love to say he was okay, but that isn’t the case. Baby Ant has been suffering since he was born with a condition that affects his liver. Currently, the doctors in New Orleans, where he was born, don’t know what is wrong.

He needs the best doctors, which are here in Boston. We’re looking to raise enough money to support Baby Ant’s medical expenses and his parents travel costs to Boston. Please, if you have anything to spare, help this young couple get their baby the care he needs. Thank you, so much.

Here is the donation link on

You can read more about Baby Ant’s condition on Cassie’s blog posts, Baby Update| Home From the NICU and Baby Update| Re-Admit Days 1 & 2.

If you want to post words of encouragement, we’ll make sure she gets them!

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