Baby Update | Re-admit Day 3


Today is day 3 of Ant’s re-admit. Yesterday we had a plan for labs and a liver biopsy to be done today. That plan got all fucked up and I’m trying really hard to be patient and not be a complete bitch to the hospital staff. After putting Ant through the stress of fasting for eight hours, the procedure got pushed back to tomorrow morning. His doctor reassured me that he was their priority for the morning, but its still very frustrating.


The genetics doctor came to speak with me earlier. All the tests she wants to do will be drawn from his IV tomorrow morning. Once she gets those results, she will decided if Anthony Sr. and I need to be screened. Unfortunately, some of those test won’t be back for a few weeks. If we decide to go to Boston Children’s Hospital I’m not sure if we should wait for those results to be back or have them faxed to Boston.

Ant had another weight check today. I was worried that he may have lost weight because while we were waiting to go in for the biopsy this morning he was hyper-rooting and crying so hard that he was turning color. However, Ant weighed in at 8lbs 7.7oz which is 2.6 ounces more than what he weight yesterday! I was so happy to hear this.


Other than the many frustrations, today has been a pretty good day for baby Ant and I. He has had a really good appetite, has been eating well, and is very alert and social. I even think (maybe wishful thinking) that he smiled at me this morning! We did a lot of bonding today and after each of his expressed breast milk bottle feedings I let Ant nurse on my breast to practice his latch. Hopefully soon I won’t have to worry about how much he is getting from me and can cut out the bottles.


Tonight I will be fighting heavy eyes and try to feed Ant as much as possible for his procedure tomorrow. Anyone who is reading this- please send good vibes our way and pray that the procedure goes well and in a timely manner. Thank you so much to everyone for your love and support, it means a lot.

If you would like to donate to help Baby Ant get the care he needs, we started a GoFundMe account for him. You can find it here at Thank you all!

2 thoughts on “Baby Update | Re-admit Day 3

  1. Sending more prayers! Really sucks about the biopsy…he should have been a priority today…I’m glad he’s gaining more weight and getting some good bonding time in with his momma. Lots of luck for tomorrow…

    xoxo Elyse

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