Any Obsessive Teeth-Whiteners Out There?

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When I was maybe a freshman in high school, my friend Mitchell and I went through this long period of time – maybe a year or more (?) – where we were obsessed with whitening our teeth. We tried everything: the strips, the trays, the trays that you heat and mold into the shape of your teeth, the toothpastes, the mouth rinses, and even a few home remedies. The result? SUPER white teeth and the intense desire to die every time I ate ice cream. 

I think moving on from the obsessive whitening was equal parts “My teeth hurt,” and “How much whiter can they really get?” But here I am, a decade and approximately 7,300 cups of coffee later and guess what? My teeth are dull.

It’s been a looong time since I’ve whitened my teeth. I mean, sure, when I’m at the store, I’ll grab the toothpaste that says “whitening” instead of its neighbors. But that’s basically where it ends. So my teeth are READY TO BE WHITE AGAIN. There’s only one problem – there are a lot more options now than there were in my whitening days.


At Walmart recently (I know, I know, I shouldn’t shop there), I grabbed a bottle of the Crest 3D White Luxe mouth rinse. I figured, what the hell? It’s cheap and it’s easy, so if it doesn’t work, it’s not a lot of money or time wasted. But, I’m thinking I might want something with a bit faster results. So, I wanted to cast a net out there and see what recommendations the internet has for me!

What do you use to whiten your teeth? What’s had the best results? Any products I should avoid? My teeth thank you!

11 thoughts on “Any Obsessive Teeth-Whiteners Out There?

  1. Duuudddeee, I used the Colgate Optic White Toothpaste with the mouth wash of the same name… and after a week or two I could definitely see significant whitening. Love that stuff, I have to buy it again… My teeth are also starting to look dull.


  2. I use the Plus White 5 minute Premier Whitening System. It’s less than $10 at Walmart (I have no shame in shopping there) and gives great results with NO SENSITIVITY! Yes, you read right. None. I’ve left it on for over 20 minutes and used it several times a week and it’s great! You can look up reviews on YouTube too. Great product.

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  3. Ok… so, I have been using Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays with Desensitizing gel and then the whitening gel and it’s been awesome. I have extremely sensitive teeth on a normal day and whitening adds that extra bit of horror. When I use the desensitizing gel first, it makes it so the whitening gel doesn’t effect my teeth, meaning I get no zingers or pain. I feel nothing the whole time the whitening gel is on and I have left the gel on for 3 hours! It’s awesome 🙂 It’s not uber expensive either.


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