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Baby Ant in his new holiday vest from Barefoot Wild & Free

For this week’s Small Business Saturday Gift Guide I will be introducing you to Barefoot Wild & Free! We seem to be on a fashion trend so far with our reviews and, since I am a new momma of a beautiful baby boy, I thought it would be appropriate to include some baby fashion for my fellow mommies 🙂

Meet Barefoot Wild & Free


Kitty’s son, all ready for Christmas! So cute!

The owner of Barefoot Wild & Free, Kitty, has such an interesting story. She opened up her Etsy shop this past summer, so this is a very new experience for her. And I have to say, she is doing a fantastic job. Kitty is also a breastfeeding momma to a beautiful baby boy, so she has to plan her work around his schedule. Her husband does a good job of caring for him while she works, even if its just to sew a couple inches, but its only a matter of time before that little boy needs to eat! Kitty had considered starting her business when her mommy duties were a little less demanding but she doesn’t mind staying up late to finish a piece, so she figured “now or never”!

Kitty may have just recently started her business, but she has been creating clothing and jewelry since childhood! As a young girl, Kitty found her clothes uninteresting. So, she would embellish them with feathers and shells. She would also make her own jewelry from hemp, shells and wooden beads.

In high school, Kitty attended her first Renaissance Festival. She told me she loved dressing up in clothes that made her feel royal and from another time. Kitty says Renaissance Fest is one of her greatest influences. She is also strongly influenced by the original hippy. She loves tie dye and patchwork. Kitty is inspired by nature and the changing of seasons as well. You can see this inspiration in her work – she uses a lot of earth tones along with yellows, reds, and oranges.

To me, the most interesting thing about Kitty’s story is her work space! She told me one day she will be working on the floor of her home in one state and the next day she will be working at a picnic table in the next state. Kitty, her husband and her baby live in a motor home! So cool! Although her home is relatively small, Kitty says she has plenty of space for storage and supplies. And, since she does a lot of custom orders, she has only what she needs for the time. Kitty and her husband would like to eventually buy a patch of land and settle down in a custom-built home (either by their own hands, or by the Amish). You can read more about her RV life here!

Barefoot Wild & Free has everything from hand-made jewelry, to hippy clothing, to baby clothes. Kitty loves getting custom orders. So, if you feel inspired to get your own personalized hippy clothes, let her know!

Kitty custom made a holiday vest for baby Ant!


The holiday vest came tied together in a piece of hemp with this cute little tag.


Its a very hippy patchwork vest with cork buttons and hemp embellishments. The material is super soft (except for the hemp of course) and the piece definitely has a handmade feel to it.


Here is baby Ant in his new vest!

Since the vest buttons all the way down it can be work on its own as a shirt. But, it looks like this winter is going to be super cold! So, the vest would most practically be worn over an outfit. I think this vest is perfect for the holidays. It is so cute, I love it!

Here are some of my favorite items on Barefoot Wild & Free’s Etsy shop:


This denim bralette is so adorable!


These swede and hemp newborn shoes would make a wonderful Christmas gift for that expecting momma in your life!


I absolutely love this burlap bow tie! Maybe a nice matching set to gift to baby and daddy?


And some holiday hand painted wooden beads. A perfect gift for your dreaded friend!

If you’re looking for some unique, hand made items to give to your loved ones this holiday season, please check out Barefoot Wild & Free. Happy Shopping!

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