Review | Ariel’s November ’14 Birchbox

BB review

Well, from what I’ve seen, several Birchbloggers have been having a problem getting their box this month! I got mine rather early, luckily–and I love my products.


First Impressions

I didn’t look to see what products I was getting this month at all. I let it be a surprise! And I’m really glad I did. I was excited to get the Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream. I love day creams and typically use Burt Bee’s Day Cream. And everything else were things I’d ACTUALLY USE. Whoa, big concept–it literally blew my mind.

Folle de Joie eau de parfum


I really like this perfume. However, if you don’t like stronger scents, you probably won’t like it. It has strong floral overtones, with an undertone of something lemon-y. It could be lemongrass (?). For me, it fits my style perfectly. I wore it a couple days in a row and it merged with my body chemistry nicely.

Full-size: $98 / 3.4 fl oz

Bain de Terre argan oil & passion flower20141117_200005

Hair oils are a big win for me. I’ve had a couple from Birchbox in the past and have never been disappointed. This one is no different, I love the passion flower scent. Also, it was a good amount to try for a women with medium length hair, but it was only enough for me to try twice because I have LONG hair. I’m not sure that was enough for me to make a purchasing decision.

theBalm cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer


Holy crap – I love the packaging. It’s so cute. What is it about all the packaging to this months products? I rarely feel this strongly about it, haha. The color is very soft, but if you layer it, it can be more true to color. I think it would be good for an upper lid highlight.

Full size: $24 / net wt. .3 oz

20141117_195652Not Soap, Radio Body Wash

I love this “not soap”, haha. If not for its use, then for it’s packaging. To quote the bottle this body wash is for, “When life give you one too many lemons (and you’ve misplaces your happy place)”. And apparently it’s also, “joy enducing,” and then it asks,”Do the words ‘cheer up’ make make you want to slap someone hard? It’s time to try some positive bath-firmations.” See? It’s great packaging if it can make you laugh. It also smells great, very lemony, go figure.

Full-sized: $16 / 13.61 fl. oz

20141110_204819Dang Coconut Chips – Toasted Coconut 

I just…I just..need these every day of my life, for the rest of my life. What?? I hate coconut. Seriously, but these are melt in your mouth good. I’m not even saying this to be nice. These are freaking good and only 115 calories! Heck yes. I can get behind that.

Full-sized: $18 / Pack of 6


Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream 

This smells so good! I love the container it comes in, too. It makes it feel like a real sized product (maybe it is, I don’t know). I haven’t actually tried this yet because I have a very specific skin regiment that’s (actually) working for me. So, maybe when my face gets back on track, I’ll try using this!

Full-sized: $85 / 1.7 oz

All in all – this Birchbox ROCKED. I’m so pleased with this month! What did you get in yours?

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6 thoughts on “Review | Ariel’s November ’14 Birchbox

    • Wow, thank you Sari! We’re so humbled. We were nominated last month for the One Lovely Blog Award, too. I’ll add you to our list of nominators! Thank you so much 😀 And welcome to the Birch Blogger community!

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  1. I love the name and banner of your blog! So cute and funny. I’m glad that neither of us had trouble getting our boxes this month. I am loving the Eslor day cream. I feel like my skin looks smoother than usual after I wash my face at the end of the day.The rest of you products look great too (especially those coconut chips).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jessie! It was a collaboration between all of us, haha. Okay, you’re convincing me to try to the day cream – perhaps I should try it as a night cream instead? Since my skin is so sensitive to new products, I’m pretty wary about it. And YESSS – try those coconut chips. They are so. freaking. good.


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