Review | JoAnna’s November ’14 Birchbox


First off, let me just start by saying that I love this month’s theme – giving – and I am super happy that Birchbox has partnered up with (RED) to raise money and awareness for the fight against AIDS. Make sure you’re sharing a picture of the facts on your Birchbox and tagging it #shaRED! Birchbox will donate $1 to (RED) for each time this is done and it’s an incredibly deserving cause! Okay, now let’s get into the goodies… 

IMG_0354First Glance:
This is the first month EVER that I didn’t peek and it was so hard. But, I was actually pretty happy that I didn’t peek because it made opening my Birchbox so much more fun! I am genuinely excited about everything I got this month! Definitely a good match for me.



IMG_0356amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
So, I’ve never really tried a dry shampoo before. I usually just use baby powder if I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to wash my hair. But, I’ve gotta say, this stuff is a LIFESAVER. I’ve had the cold from hell all week and this definitely came in handy when I traded in my shampoo time for naps on the couch.

Full size: $21 / 5.3 oz
Sample size: $3  / .75 oz



IMG_0361Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream
I love a good face cream, so I was glad to receive this! The ceramidin cream is supposed to fight redness, roughness, and irritation, so I think it will make a great addition to my winter skin routine.

Full size: $34 / 1.6 fl oz
Sample size: $4.25 / .2 fl oz





Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Wash
I don’t love getting body wash samples all that often, but every now and then it’s great because I can use it for an upcoming trip. This smells amazing – like “ocean-scented” candles. I’ll be bringing this with me when I visit New England next month for the holidays!

Full size: $15 / 8 fl oz
Sample size: $2.50 / 1.35 fl oz




IMG_0359Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel (Sensitive)
This is the sample I chose for November. I had been wanting to try it and I just tested it out about 10 minutes ago! My skin feels super soft right now, but I don’t know if I would call this a peel, since you just rinse it off like a mask. Seems like a good product, but I probably won’t spring for the full-size since it’s so expensive and didn’t blow me away.

Full size: $39 / 2 fl oz
Sample size: $5 / .26 fl oz



IMG_0363theBalm Cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer
I could go on for days about how adorable theBalm’s branding is, but I won’t bore you. I was happy to get this because I’ve been playing around a lot more with contour makeup, so this will be a nice highlighter to add to the rotation! (And seriously, the packaging is so damn cute!!)

Full size: $24 / net wt. .3 oz
Sample size: $1.50 / net wt. .02 oz



IMG_0352Bonus Item: Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter
Yeahhhhh, so this guy definitely didn’t make it through the review, although I did take a picture of it first. That’s about as far as my self-control goes. Then I promptly ate this. I didn’t even put it on anything. I just ate it out of the package like an animal. #noshame

Full size: $12 / (10) 1.15 oz packets
Sample size: $1.25 / 1.15 oz packet

Here are the AIDS facts included on my Birchbox.


It costs as little as 40 cents a day to provide life-saving medication for a person living with H.I.V.


In 2002, 1,500 babies were born with HIV each day. Today, that number is down to 650. We can get that close to zero.


Medication can reduce the risk of a mother passing H.I.V. on to her baby to less than 6%.

All together, this box came out to about $17.50, which is on the lower side of boxes I’ve gotten in the past. But, I really like everything and it was only $10, so I’m not mad at it! What did you get in this month’s Birchbox? Did you get the BuzzFeed box?!

PS. I’m officially a Birchbox Ace now! What whaaaaaat?!

PSS. Are you interested in joining Birchbox? I’d love it if you used my referral link when you join! 

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