Baby Update | 2 Months!

Its crazy to think that I have known my sweet Ant for only two months and I already love him more than I ever thought possible. I love every thing about him. I love his big grin. I love the lint between his chubby toes. I love his Buddha belly. I love his big cheeks and his wide eyes. He’s perfect. Don’t you think?


If you have been following my baby updates, you know that Ant was sick for a while. I am happy to share that he is doing MUCH better. While he was re-admitted to Tulane hospital he had an ultrasound of his liver, kidneys and gallbladder as well as a liver biopsy. These procedures were to figure out why his bilirubin was still so high. Neither showed us a cause for it. Ant was discharged after 5 days in the hospital.

We had an appointment with his pediatrician the following Monday. Since coming off the pregestimil, Ant had gained a good amount of weight and his bilirubin had gone down to a 1 so, his pediatrician recommended we give him time to just be a baby. No more tests, no more labs, just let him chill. His dad and I were relieved to hear this. Ant’s next appointment was two weeks after he was discharged and it was SO NICE to not go to the doctor’s office twice a week. Finally, we got to enjoy our baby without interruption.

Last week was Ant’s genetics appointment. His genetics doctor told us that since all the tests for the really bad stuff looked good and he was gaining weight, she was not concerned that anything life threatening was going on in his little body. We also had an appointment with his GI doctor yesterday. As long as his bilirubin levels look good (total should be below 0.3), we won’t have to see her again!

To everyone who donated to the the Gofundme page that Ariel made, thank you so much for your help. You raised over $300! When Ant was admitted we were really scared. He wasn’t gaining weight and his liver wasn’t dispelling bilirubin properly, which is never a good sign. But, knowing that we would be able to get Ant any necessary care made us feel so much better. Once Ant got on an upward pattern, I had Ariel stop further donations. The money that was raised will be used to pay outpatient co-pays. We will be donating some of what’s left to the NICU at Tulane Lakeside Hospital at the upcoming NICU reunion holiday party! And the rest will be put into a savings account for baby Ant, which will also be back up in case future health issues arise. But, it looks like our sweet boy is in the clear!

I’m so glad that my future updates will be full of happiness and squishy baby faces!

In addition to the exciting news that Ant is in good health, I am very happy to announce that our little family will be moving to Virginia at the end of December! The week of Christmas to be exact, which kind of sucks. But Ant’s dad was offered a promotion, so it will be well worth it. Plus, we will be much closer to our family and friends. JoAnna lives only 4 hours from where we will be moving to! Our new place is only a three minute walk from the beach, which I’m super pumped about! In the time before we move, I hope to experience as much of NOLA as possible.


Me and Ant waiting for a table at The Ruby Slipper!

Yesterday Ant weighed in at 9lbs 6oz and 23 inches long! I think he’s going to be tall like his daddy (6’3″)!


Here he is, all smiles this morning! (Yes, those are Halloween socks. Don’t judge, they’re warm).

Ant loves to smile and laugh and is starting to babble. He can also roll over from his belly to his back, lift his head and shoulders, and- when held upright- can hold his head up for over a minute!


10818850_1734082066817314_739281468_n That grin!

And check out Ant in his new holiday vest from Barefoot Wild & Free!


I guess that’s all for now! Thank you so much to those of you who have shown us incredible support and love. If you want to read more about Ant’s story so far, please check out my other posts and keep a look out for next month’s update!

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