November ’14 Beauty Favorites!


It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of November and I’ll be heading up to New England soon to see my family and friends for the holidays! I can’t wait! I’ve been in money-saving mode so I haven’t been buying a lot of new products lately, but I’ve been lucky enough to win some great products or find some new favorites in my subscription boxes. These are my November favorites!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer

tarte This was maybe my only beauty splurge of November. I have been wanting this bronzer forever and I was forcing myself to finish the Pixi Beauty Bronzer I had picked up at Target before buying anything new. Well, I finally finished it and I am so glad that I did!

Aside from having just the most gorgeous packaging ever, Park Ave Princess is the perfect color for me. It goes on super natural and matte, but you can build up the color to contour. It’s waterproof, so it holds up really well against moisture or humidity (not that that’s been a problem here lately!).

It’s also really good for your skin. It’s infused with skin-softening mineral pigments and Vitamins A, E, and C! This bronzer is also free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Did you know that your skin absorbs about 60% of what you put on it? It’s nice to wear makeup without worrying about putting a bunch of crap into your body!

Lancôme Cils Booster XL & Hypnose Mascara 

IMG_0562 I was lucky enough to win these last month in a giveaway and I immediately fell in love with this duo. The Cils Booster XL is a conditioning mascara primer with Vitamin E and micro-fibers, so it helps to lengthen and protect your lashes.

The Hypnose mascara claims up to 600% more volume, and this may be the first time that I actually believe a big claim from a mascara. This stuff is incredible! I actually love what this does for my lashes so much that I haven’t even been wearing eyeliner lately. I just think this stands out so much on its own, I haven’t wanted to compete with it. It’s beautiful! New favorite, for sure.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Line

IMG_0534 I scored a bunch of goodies from The Body Shop during their 40% off sale back in October and I am now obsessed with their tea tree oil line – especially the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner, Tea Tree Face Mask, and the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. As someone with really oily skin, I’ve never been so impressed with a line of products. Using the mask once a week, and the pore minimiser and toner daily, I’ve noticed that my skin is way, way less oily. In fact, it isn’t really an issue at all these days. My skin has also been super clear! I just can’t recommend these products enough to those with oily skin. They’re a godsend.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye

IMG_0546 I’ve been wanting this for months – but like I said, I’ve been trying to save money. So I was SO STOKED when I got this in my November Ipsy bag!  This concealer is the best I’ve tried. It gets rid of those dark under eye circles and lasts forever. It’s water-proof, it has Vitamins C & K, and it just works. Highly recommend!

and last but not least…

Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

IMG_0555 Alright, I lied. I actually bought this at the same time that I got the Amazonian Clay Bronzer, so that wasn’t my only beauty splurge. But, anyway, I love this thing! It’s been a while since I’ve owned an eyelash curler, and this one is just so luxurious looking! It has easy-grip handles, which is a nice touch. Plus, it’s gold and purple, which are probably my two favorite colors ever. It comes with a deluxe sample of Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, but I’ve been so obsessed with the Lancôme stuff that I haven’t even tried it yet.

Well, that’s it for me this month! Have you tried any of these products before? What are your November favorites? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! 🙂

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