Baby Update| 3 Months!

Hi everyone! Baby Ant is now 3 months old! He turned 3 months yesterday, on Christmas 🙂


Ant in his holiday vest from Barefoot Wild & Free- check out my review of BW&F from last month!

This Christmas was so special for our little family. We just moved into our new home in Norfolk, Virginia and my mom and brother drove down here from Maine with their dog Fergie. The six of us spent the day eating, chatting, walking on the beach and watching Bob’s Burgers and Wayne’s World- not your typical Christmas, but it was one to remember. My little brother, the thoughtful dude he is, brought gifts for Anthony Sr. and I. If my little sister and her family came, it would have been the most perfect Christmas ever.


Ant was sound asleep for our walk on the beach!

I’m so happy that Ant finally got to meet his Alisi and Uncle Mark!


He looooved all the attention!


Look at my chubbah wubbah 🙂

And Ant is doing much better. We are still waiting on his latest lab results, but the ones we received about a month ago told us that his total bilirubin was a 1. Two of his liver enzymes were elevated, but his GI doctor isn’t too concerned about that. As long as those liver enzymes are at a normal level now and his bilirubin is at a 1 or lower, Ant will not have to see a GI specialist here in Virginia! I’m really hoping that is the case. I want my baby to be healthy and I hate putting him through the stress of having blood drawn on a regular basis.

Right before we left for Virginia we had one last check in with his doctor. Ant is now 12lbs 6oz and 23.5 inches! He is getting so big! Its like one day I was concerned about Ant still being in his newborn clothes and then the next day all his 0-3 month clothes seemed too small. Part of me wants him to keep getting bigger and can’t wait for him to reach all his milestones and another part of me wants him to stay just like this forever!

Here are some more fun facts about baby Ant:

  • “hello” is his favorite word and he is learning to say it.
  • he thinks the words “yuck” and “shit” are hilarious!
  • he can lift his head when he is on his belly and
  • he can roll  over from his belly to his back, but
  • he HATES tummy time after about 2 minutes.
  • baths with mommy he cannot tolerate, but he loves bath time with daddy.
  • he reaches for the toy bar on his bouncy chair but hasn’t quite figured out how to grab it.
  • he likes to try to put his entire fist in his mouth.
  • Fidelity” by Regina Spektor is his favorite song.

And if those cute pictures weren’t enough to satisfy your baby fever…

8976_1750892045136316_6960293112493601435_n 10245587_10152924494560450_491646548745270955_n 10857986_1748827292009458_4774459914215140430_n


I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Keep an eye out for my next baby update 🙂

If you’d like to read more about Ant’s story, please read my previous baby updates!

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