A Thrifty Bitch New Year’s Resolution


Across the nation people are buying new gym memberships and tossing out their Christmas candy. We all know what this means, as we roll over the day after December 31st, hung over, covered in confetti, and parched –  It’s resolution time. Happy New Year!

We Thrifty Bitches would love to share our New Year’s resolutions with you all in hopes that you’ll share yours, too! 


I’ve had a few resolutions living on the back burner of my mind. And one I didn’t realize until I was unpacking my new apartment.

Start the 1001 books challenge: A few years a go, one of my best friends gave me a book called, “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die,” which is written by over one hundred international critics. I found it when I was unpacking on New Year’s Eve, preparing for a small dinner party I hosted.

My goal is to read 30 books included on this list in 2015, in no particular order.

First, I’m going to start by going through the book and checking off the books I’ve already read (and don’t need to read again), marking off the books I may have read (but want to read again), and not marking the books I haven’t read. Then, I’m going to choose the 30 books I’m to read and start purchasing them slowly throughout the year.


Bonus: I also found a $25 Starbucks gift card inside. Score!

Get my PCOS back on track: Many of our readers know that I have PCOS and it’s a regular struggle. Lately, I haven’t been very good about managing it. First, it was my commute that stopped me, then the weather, then the holidays, and then just me. Well, I’ve run out of excuses and I’m the only one who can help myself.

My goal is to better manage my PCOS, starting with losing some poundage.

It seems so cliche to want to lose weight for a New Year’s resolution, but it’s something that really does effect my condition. I’m planning on doing a 30-60-90 goal setting so that I’m not setting myself up for failure.

Get organized: For Christmas I got the Erin Condren Life Planner, which is AWESOME I might add. I’m planning on doing a review at some point – so be on the look out! Basically, I want to get my life more organized. I don’t have a lot to do right now because I don’t have a job other than freelance writing for a couple companies. I don’t even have an extracurricular of some sort for this year…yet.


Re-involve myself in theatre. I love acting and singing. It’s definitely a passion of mine that I need to keep doing. These past two years without doing a show have left me depressed and socially stunted. The stimulation theatre brings will help me become my true self again.



For me, 2013 and 2014 were years of extensive change. Since my stay in a mental health facility almost two years ago, I have been on a rewilding journey of sorts. I’m trying to unlearn everything that society has shoved down my throat, and I want to be the most healthy, feminine, and raw version of myself. My resolutions for 2015 are all part of my continuation of the rewilding process.

Start getting up at 6 AM (ish). Ugh. This resolution will probably be the most difficult to stick with. My bed is so comfy and I have always had a difficult time getting up in the morning. Now that I have a baby, it’s even harder. But I really want to have a better morning routine to kick-start my day before Ant wakes up. Ideally, I will wake up at 6, meditate, exercise, have some green tea and breakfast and then shower and make myself pretty for the day.


Breastfeed in public without fear. For some reason, I get really nervous about breastfeeding in public. I’m afraid to make others uncomfortable and worry that someone will say something rude to me (I’m not very good at standing up for myself). Usually when my boyfriend is with me I’m pretty okay with feeding Ant in public. I guess its because I know he supports me and he is a pretty big dude so I feel like no one will bother us. But, being nervous about breastfeeding in public is super inconvenient for both Ant and me. On top of that, I think breastfeeding awareness is really important. By feeding in public, I will be supporting awareness.

Eliminate harmful chemicals from my diet and beauty/hygiene regiment.  Until pretty recently I was doing a good job of eating mostly organic. But, due to our recent move its been hard to fit organic foods into our budget. I want to find the least expensive ways to eat organic. I would also like to find simple and organic methods of hygiene. A plus to moving is that the climate here in Norfolk will be more ideal for growing my own food.

Lose the baby weight. How typical of me, huh? But I need to get on that shit. I’m tired of feeling yucky about myself!

A 4.0 GPA average for each term. I begin online classes on the 5th and I really want to do well. So, I’m setting standards high for myself! And I believe a 4.0 is achievable for me.


Take Control of My Finances. I am ashamed to say that my credit has taken a pretty serious hit in the last few years. Between two moves, health problems, traveling, and working part-time for half of last year while I did a semester of school, I’ve been relying waaaay too much on credit cards to get by. Luckily, I’m still at a point that is manageable. In 2015, I’m going to work as much as possible, pay off my credit cards ENTIRELY, and save money. I feel very confident that I can do this!

Get My License. That’s right! I’m about to turn 25 and I still don’t have my driver’s license. It’s a long story that I’d rather not get into here, but it’s safe to say that I’ve had a bit of a complex about driving. So much so that I’ve never gone for my driving test. Crazy, right? I’ve just never been very comfortable behind the wheel. When I was living in Boston, it wasn’t an issue at all, since public transportation is so readily available. But, it’s time to finally face it and get my license. I can’t keep putting it off!

Stay Active & Organized. After I moved to North Carolina, I gained TWENTY POUNDS. I’m happy to announce that I’ve since lost 15, so I’m back to my normal-ish weight. I’m not going to set a ridiculous fitness goal for myself this year, but I do want to stay active. I’m also resolving to stay active socially, at work, and online (blogging). I have a lot of great opportunities ahead of me this year at work and as the Wilmington regional ambassador of the NC Blogger Network. I’m going to be depending on my Whitney English Day Designer planner very heavily this year (which I’ll be reviewing sometime soon!).

Revamp the blog. We’re excited to make some changes to the blog this year, including a redesign! We hope that before too long, you’ll be looking at a prettier and more functional Thrifting & Bitching!

What’s your new year’s resolution? We’d love to hear them!

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