My Awkward Mommy Moments


Here are some of my #awkwardmommymoments for you to gawk and laugh at (and maybe nod in agreement). Hey, its not the catchiest hashtag, but I’m sure some of you can relate! Please tell me you can relate…

That #awkwardmommymoment when…

– you’re airing out your boobs while you eat cause your baby just spent over an hour on them and you forget that they are much larger now, so when you lean over your plate your nipple lands smack dab in a glob of barbecue sauce.

– you’re eating a burger at 10 PM because you need to stay up until 4 AM doing homework since everything is due tomorrow and your baby has not allowed you to do anything over the past few days and the barbecue sauce is not just on your nipple, its all over your hands and face. That’s what you get for eating a burger with one hand while typing with the other this late at night. (But at least its a black bean burger, right?)

– you’re nursing your baby in the pediatrician’s examination room when in walks 17 zillion med students because “your baby’s medical history is so interesting”!

you’re at a bowling alley and your baby farts, but everyone looks at you like “what the hell?”

– you’re building’s maintenance guy is knocking on the door and not only do you answer all free-boobing under your ratty t-shirt, but your boobs start leaking too.

– you’re singing your made-up songs to your baby when you realize how thin your walls really are and that your neighbor can hear every out-of-key word you sing.

you have a bag of poopy rags in your house that are waiting for their other poopy rag friends to be used before they are washed (you have to conserve on water, of course) and you don’t know where to put them when company comes over.


Okay, now that I’ve shared my awkward mommy moments with you, you must share yours with me!

Tell me about your most embarrassing mommy moments in the comments below! 

3 thoughts on “My Awkward Mommy Moments

  1. I’m not a mommy (yet) but I think my (pseudo) #awkwardmommymoment would be when my niece projectile vomited down my cleavage in public. Try cleaning that up without getting attention! Haha.

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