Review| CardNest Greeting Card Subscription (pt 2!)

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Last month, JoAnna and Ariel posted their reviews of the CardNest Greeting Card Subscription. Unfortunately, I was not  able to participate in this review because my cards never arrived in the mail 😦 My CardNest got sent back to UK because apparently my post office in New Orleans didn’t like me. However, the folks at CardNest were kind enough to send me a whole new set of cards from their March collection. I was so excited when they finally arrived, and I am equally excited to share them with you all!

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The idea behind CardNest is that by receiving unique and various themed cards in the mail each month, you will be encouraged to reach out to your loved ones on special occasions or just because! I already have a few people in mind for the cards I received…

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“Whale of a Time” by Carolina Buzio features an adorable octopus offering a birthday gift to a party hat wearing blue whale. This big guy is accompanied by some tiny party hat wearing fishies. This super cute birthday card could be given to a child or an adult. I really like the navy blue envelope that came with the card, too!

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“Thanks Ever So Much” by Emily VanHoff features some really beautiful typography. If you enjoy typography and hand-lettered work, you should definitely check out this artist’s website!

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“Margarita Time” by Felicita Sala is a super adorable card that could be used for many different occasions, and especially for that margarita lover in your life. I can see it being used for a birthday, a congratulations, or for keeping in touch with a friend. And the card even includes instructions for composing a margarita! This artist also features a monthly illustrated recipe on her blog 🙂

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Each card has the title of the artwork, and the artist’s name and website on the back. All of the artwork on these cards is created specifically for CardNest, making this a truly one-of-a-kind subscription! For about $15 a month, CardNest will send you three unique cards to share with your loved ones. If you sign up for CardNest’s newsletter right now, you will get 50% off your first month! Sign up for this special subscription and please share photos of the cards you receive with us! We are curious to see what you get!

*Disclaimer: I received these cards free of cost. However, all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

2 thoughts on “Review| CardNest Greeting Card Subscription (pt 2!)

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Cassie! So pleased you loved March’s collection! Also really impressed the journey the original batch went on! We were so pleased that when they were returned to us, the cards were still in pristine condition! Oh the things they must have seen! Thank you again, from the CardNest team x

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