Baby Update| 6 Months, Solids & Baby Wearing


Before having a baby, I was the most socially awkward creature on the entire planet. Or, at least, that is how I felt. If I was with my boyfriend or a friend, I might be more likely to talk to a stranger. However, if I was alone I would have a very hard time not stuttering when a stranger asked me a question or complimented me. And I certainly would NEVER approach a stranger. All of that went out the window once I started going places with Ant. Now, I can’t go grocery shopping without some one stopping to tell me how beautiful he is! Having a baby has done wonders for my social anxiety! So, what I’m saying is, if you’re socially awkward, you should totally have a baby. 

image1 (2)

When I’m out and about with Ant, people (mostly women) like to come up to him (not me, they don’t even look at me or acknowledge my existence) and  say things like, I’m gonna bite you!, or you are SO adorable, I want to eat you! And then this wave of motherly protectiveness comes over me and, in my head I’m like, BITCH, only I get to eat this baby! So, what I’m also saying is, you cannot eat my baby. Only I can eat my baby. 

image7 (2)

But seriously though, Ant is so incredibly squish-able and bite-able. What baby isn’t? And the bigger he gets, the more squishy he gets! And he is getting BIG. At six months old, Ant is now 19.5 pounds and 27 and 3/4 inches tall! You’d think we were feeding him steak and power bars for dinner! We aren’t…

image8 (1)

We are, however, feeding him bananas for dinner! We started Ant on solids a couple weeks ago. It is normally not recommended (per the AAP) to start a baby on solids until they reach the 6 month mark. However, his pediatrician recommended we let him try some bananas mixed with breast milk since he has been so interested in our food and just finished a big growth spurt. It took him a little while to get used to solid food, we even had to give him a break for a few days because he became constipated. But, we took it slow and now Ant absolutely loves bananas! We let him practice holding his spoon when he eats. Most times, he ends up deep-throating it and gagging, but he is becoming a pro, I swear.

We have also tried some baby-led weaning, too. If Ant finishes his pureed bananas and seems like he wants more, I will break up a few pieces of banana and let him pick them up and try to put them in his mouth. He has successfully eaten a few small chunks of banana and now knows to chew it. I think we will let him try sweet potatoes next. What were/are some of your baby’s favorite foods?

image5 (2)

Ant cut his first tooth a few weeks ago and is currently cutting three more, so soon it will be even easier for him to chew up his bananas! Since he has been teething, I have had to wear him basically all day, every day. When Ant was tiny, I wore him in a Balboa Baby sling that a friend gave to me. We loved that sling and it came in handy when we were out and about, or when he wanted to be held while I did chores. However, Ant is too big now for me to carry him all day in a sling. So I got an Infantino Mei Tai carrier at Target for only $25! I love this carrier because it crosses in the back for extra lumbar support (which comes in handy since I have scoliosis), and it can be worn in three positions- front, back, and hip. Ant absolutely loves his new carrier!

image2 (2)

Like I said, I wear him A LOT. He naps in the Mei Tai and likes to chew on the straps when his gums hurt. I have been thinking about getting a teething necklace for me to wear while I carry him (he won’t use a teething ring or pacifier), but I have heard that amber teething necklaces are usually treated with nasty chemicals to make them look pretty, and I have not done enough research on silicone teething necklaces. What do you do to make your teething baby feel better?

image6 (2)

In other news… we recently started cloth diapering! At first, it was all very confusing, but I think Anthony Sr. and I are getting used to it. Look for my cloth diaper review in the future! But, for now, here is a sneak peak at how adorable the diapers are…

image3 (2)

7 thoughts on “Baby Update| 6 Months, Solids & Baby Wearing

  1. LOL – As someone who is also, socially awkward, I agree having a baby has done amazing things for my social life! He is pretty adorable!

    We did strickly Baby-Led Weaning with my two daughters, we’d give them banana’s, kiwi’s just lots of fruits. Soft veggies (steamed at times). Than slowly moved in to meats and other stuff, its really awesome watching them explore food.

    I have the EXACT same carrier and LOVE it, have used it for two kids.. While I also have a real Mei tai and a woven wrap its still my go to, even my husband has wore it shopping!

    I also cloth diapered two kids, love it, its tough but very great and saves sooo much money! If you ever have questions feel free to pass me a message!

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    • Hey girl!

      Aren’t babies the best? They pretty much force you to be social. It’s cool though cause now, people don’t think I’m a total snob. When people used to talk to me in public, I would give them one word answers cause I was so nervous… not any more!

      When did you start with baby-led weaning? I wanted to give him the pureed foods first since we were starting “early”. I know every baby is different, but I worry about how immature his gut may or may not be. Like I said in the post, I have given him pieces of banana and he knows to chew it, and he hasn’t been constipated lately. His GI doctor suggested that if he does get constipated, to give him prunes or prune juice. Have you ever tried that?

      I loooove the Infantino Mei Tai! My boyfriend has used it too, but I think he would prefer something a little more structured and something that he can wear Ant on his front, but facing away from him. I need to do some research on which carriers are like that. I was considering wrapping but I haven’t had time to find any fabric to use, and I worry that it would take too much time.

      Thank you for all your input! I will definitely let you know when I have questions!!


      • I breastfed, so breastfed babies don’t tend to get constipated. But prunes and prune juice do work while from what I hear!

        We never started solids until 6 months… But if the pures are going okay and your comfortable with it, give them “grab size” cuts of it to try. Just make sure its soft.

        There are studies that say not to give kids stuff till 6 months, because of gut issues.. But its one of those things that I think is a personal option, many kids eat before 6 months and are healthy, and some sometimes get allergies or other problems. Its hard to say if it is a direct link go with your momma gut!

        Front facing carriers are REALLY bad on their leg development (personally this is one thing I wish would be banned lol). Just the way they sit in them places a lot of weight on their hips and joints. Now will it cause problems? no idea! BUT I believe you can do a hip carry with the infantino Mei Tai, which may be a little easier? and give Ant more to look at? I could be day dreaming though its been a LOGN Day!


      • Oooo, you’re right. If we wear him on the hip, he can see more!

        Ant is breastfeed too, but he has had some problems with constipation :/ I think part of it was because he might be allergic to dairy, but idk. He didn’t get constipated again until we started solids… he didn’t poop for 3 days! I felt so bad :/


      • Breastfeed babies can go longer between poops as well, and isn’t uncommon around 3-5 months :). Usually somewhere between 6 they start to get a little more regular. But ya prune juice, sugar water, are all okay things for constipation! 🙂


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