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mebio2Ariel Carron is beyond herself. Half highly detailed, half space case, but manages to pull them together into one body. She regularly signs her life away to boring endeavors only to remember she truly just likes to sew. She’s a corporate blogger and social media guru during the day and a realist at night. At 24, she’s accrued too much debt getting a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Communication. Her mother describes her as “unique” because she box dyes her hair red and likes big glasses. Overall, if you just want to meet a human being with faults and incredible attributes, she’s your beauty.

Email her: ariel@thriftingandbitching.com


photoJoAnna Carpentier is a New England native adjusting to life in the South. She’s an entertainment blogger / art student by day, and creative junkie by night. As an INFJ personality type, she responds to the full spectrum of human emotion by crying. Here are a few of her obsessions: her baby beagle (Igby), makeup, subscription boxes, feminism, art/painting, learning new things, making things with her hands, watching Friends over and over and over, and delicious food. She’s currently gearing up to open her very own Etsy shop. Oh, and she loves meeting new people, so feel free to say hello!

Email her: joanna@thriftingandbitching.com


1902981_1586452561580266_7504613605439600076_nCassie Walston is a soon-to-be momma living in New Orleans. She cannot wait for the arrival of her baby boy (she has had baby fever since age 10). Being pregnant in the summer in the deep south is rough, but she just cranks up the AC and prays to the electricity bill gods. Cassie spends a lot of time reading, gardening, and writing. Her greatest loves are GoT/ A Song of Ice and Fire, permaculture gardening, punk and folk music, watching too much TV with her boyfriend, people who aren’t afraid to talk about their struggles with mental illness and addiction, mint oreos, her family, not shaving because screw society, and her friends!

Email her: cassie@thriftingandbitching.com

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