What’s in my bag? | Ariel

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My co-bloggers and I have decided to do this fancy, “What’s in my bag?” post for all of you. I feel so incredibly vulnerable right now. You’re going to know the REAL me. So, scared.

Anyway, my current bag is a (probably fake) Michael Kors I got in Mexico with the lovely JoAnna, Cassie, and our friend Ryan this past May. Here’s what’s in it: Continue reading

What’s In My Bag? | JoAnna

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You’ve probably seen the “What’s in my bag?” posts here and there, whether it’s on YouTube, various blogs, or US Weekly. We thought that it would be fun to take part by showing the world what’s in our bags. We may not be celebrities, but we sure as hell have full purses. Here’s a look at what’s in mine…

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