Decoterie Box [Launching 07/15]

featDesign freaks, home goods addicts, and lifestyle product lovers unite! I want to tell you about a brand new subscription box that is launching this month that looks AMAZING. It’s called Decoterie; it’s quarterly and consists of high-end, limited edition products that are hand-curated by the beautiful Letitia Elizabeth. Seriously, just take one look at her personal design site and tell me you don’t want a box of goodies that she picked out! Oh, and don’t miss out on a special discount (read on for details).

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Baby Update | 2 Months!

Its crazy to think that I have known my sweet Ant for only two months and I already love him more than I ever thought possible. I love every thing about him. I love his big grin. I love the lint between his chubby toes. I love his Buddha belly. I love his big cheeks and his wide eyes. He’s perfect. Don’t you think?


If you have been following my baby updates, you know that Ant was sick for a while. I am happy to share that he is doing MUCH better. While he was re-admitted to Tulane hospital he had an ultrasound of his liver, kidneys and gallbladder as well as a liver biopsy. These procedures were to figure out why his bilirubin was still so high. Neither showed us a cause for it. Ant was discharged after 5 days in the hospital. Continue reading

Random Acts Revolution | Boston


In February of 2014, three friends came together to make the lives of others a little brighter. Shaun, Kevin and Jim (ages 19-24) decided to start a pay-it-forward type, Boston-based non-profit group. They named it Random Acts Revolution, made a Facebook page, and began recording Youtube videos in order to inspire others to join their efforts. According to the Random Acts Revolution Facebook page, their mission is to carry out “random acts of kindness to create ripples of goodwill and generosity.Continue reading

How the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Doesn’t Work


If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve seen a few of your friends (and a lot of strangers) get buckets of ice water dumped over their heads recently, all in the name of ALS. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease – is a progressive degenerative neurological disorder. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “How does dumping ice water over your head help ALS?” I found myself asking the same question. Here’s my conclusion…

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