Review | Fall Fête Birchbox!

IMG_0060I don’t know about you, but I always love drooling over the limited edition Birchboxes. Until recently, I hadn’t taken the plunge and gotten one. But as soon as I saw their Fall Fête box, I fell in love. I’m realllllllly into playing hostess – in fact, I’m starting to daydream about Thanksgiving already – so this box has my name all over it. Luckily, I had been hoarding some Birchbox points, so when I got an email offering $10 off a purchase of $50+, I knew it was time to cash in! Here’s a closer look at all of the goodies… Continue reading

The Perks of Living Tiny


Recently, I’ve been completely enthralled by the idea of living in a tiny house – more specifically, a tiny house on wheels. These houses come in different shapes and sizes, but tiny mobile houses are generally between 100-200 square feet. I know. It’s small. So, why would I want to live like that? Oh, let me tell you…

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